Mommy Woezz

Being a mom is the coolest thing I grown to love. When I was young people tend to put in my head when you have kids your life is practically over. There is no fun or all you have in life is being a mom. That goes for dads too, but I feel like its mostly goes for us moms. We carry much of the weight and tend to become overwhelmed. Don’t feel bad you are not alone!

Some days I feel like I can take over the world. I have all these ideas of what I could, would or should be doing. Then there are days where I lay in my bed and it sucks. There’s a baby crying every hour, another kid asking a million questions and a daughter with an attitude of a teenager and she hasn’t even hit her preteens yet. I yell in my mind “SOMEBODY SAVE ME” a minimum of 50 times a week. Some weeks I have said it some much it just becomes normal to think when its not even nothing going on to justify it. But I wouldn’t trade my little ones for anything but sleep lol. Just kidding!

Moms all over the world have their woes and I reassure you once again you are not alone. From the weight gain you can’t get off to the lack of sleep, we as moms tend to be hard on ourselves and each other. Being that this is my first post for mommy woes I will say I will tackle everything from depression all the way to should you or should u not spank your children.

Little Known Fact: a Kid is a baby goat. I remember a friend of mine told me she no longer says Kid or Kids referring to her children cause her children are not goats. I don’t know at first I was all like ok I can totally understand where she was coming from but now a days I just look at it like its just another word for goat and children. What do you think?

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Life and Timezz

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! We had a long winter. Longer than I hoped it would be but I won’t complain cause this heat is kicking my butt and its only the first day. I am literally sitting in front of the fan singing my favorite songs. Yes I do that! I like to hear my alto voice with a raspy fan untone. DON”T Judge me. Besides my vocals I managed to continue blogging. YAyyy!!!

  Today I took it easy. Played with my kids and listened to music. I also started looking up things to do for the summer. Though there are a lot of things to actually do. There are also a lot of FREE things to get into. Just like most some  nobody else Free is my middle name. And I love all thing Pro Bono.

I decided that you deserve to try the free things that I will be getting into this summer. I am NYC based so this only goes for those in the NYC area.

First off let me tell you how much I love beaches. When I get some good money my goal is to have a nice place near a beach. Oceanviews and cool breezes. Lets all take a moment and envision that. Wait I think I need more than a moment. Here are the beaches you might catch me at.


Thanx to and their article I will live at these beaches when I’m not blogging or being a mommy. My favs are:

Jacob Riis Park Beach (Be careful of the Nude section)

Jones Beach

Rockaway Beach (They did a good job sprucing it up since Hurricane Sandy)

Not much of a zoo person but for the last 2 weeks my son has been begging me to take him to the zoo. What’s better than a zoo you can pay what you wish. I got the list of zoos and from so check it out. Here are the list of zoos, museums, and gardens to visit.

The Bronx Zoo – Pay what you wish Wednesdays for general admission. Total Experience activities cost extra.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Free all day on Tuesdays, and Saturdays from 10am-noon. Free on winter weekdays November-February.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Free the third Thursday of every month 4-7pm and the first full weekend of every month 2-5pm (except holidays).

Children’s Museum of the Arts – Pay what you wish Thursdays 4-6pm

Children’s Museum of Manhattan – Free the first Friday of every month 5-8pm

New York Aquarium – Pay what you wish on Fridays 3pm-closing

New York Botanical Garden – Free grounds admission all day on Wednesdays, and Saturdays 10-11am. Special exhibits cost extra.

New York Hall of Science – Free September through June on Fridays 2-5pm and Sundays 10-11am.

New York Historical Society – Pay what you wish Fridays 6-8pm

Queens Botanical Garden – Free Wednesdays 3-6pm and Sundays 4-6pm. .

Staten Island Zoo – Free Wednesdays 2-4:45pm

Wave Hill – Free all day on Tuesdays, Saturdays 9am-noon.

So there you have it. Cool things to do with your kids and not brake those pockets. Now I have to go make lunch cause supermoms make lunch and blog!