Fashion Callzz

I am all about a new trend and being apart of it. I like things that are different or looked at as a questionable dress or accessory. I like to stand in my own lane and I am pretty sure so do you. These Tiny Bags can add to your look and give you stares you love to have.





Well here are the four bags I will be trying to save my pennies to get. Check out the rest of them on Elle Magazine here

Tell me what you think!

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  Are You watching the World Cup?

I am not an ultimate sports fan. I repeat I am not a buying my favorite jersey, tattoo on my body, wearing only my favorite sports team colors, sports fan. I will say watching a little bit of the World Cup has made me want to be somewhat of a semi ultimate sports fan, just because their fans are amazing. The colors, the paintings, the signs has me staring at the television like what is going on. The outrageous sounds that comes from the stands and the pace of the game has me in awe. Not only is the World Cup taking over everything from social media to search engines. It is taking over my brain. Gahhhhh!!

This year the World Cup is hosted in Brazil. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. The place is a site to see and I made a promise to myself, after looking up pictures for this post, that I will make it my business to get there and have a long vacation. Just look at this view.


Now that I got you to Google Brazil, back to the World Cup. These people are so committed to these games. I never felt the need to be so upset a team lost I actually cried. I don’t even remember crying at the birth of my children. I don’t know does that make me weird. I don’t know. Lets get back on subject. These fans have taken over Brazil and just for a small second I wish I was them.

Brazil v Mexico

Ghana v USA: Group G - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil



Now let me say this, every time I go on Google they have a  new doodle. That is what Google calls their pictures that strategically says their name. I love them. Here are a few of my favorites.

wc11 wc15 wc16 wc19

These are so dope and just makes you want to watch the World Cup.

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Music Shizz


I have been watching the voice for some time now. I kind of love but hate the fact that legitimately have two winners a year. Earlier this year we heard that Pharrell, yes the guy that sing the oh so popular song “Happy”, is going to be a new judge. He is the replacement for the previous judge Cee-lo Green, due to some unmentioned mentioned run ins. Well we now have pictures to confirm


I am so stoked for the Grammy award-winning producer. Looking forward to seeing the next season of The Voice on NBC. #TeamPharrell

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Daily OFNS (NYC)

Earlier we celebrated the first day of summer with free things to do with your kids in NYC. Now its time for the Daily News round up.


This week we heard about the fatal stabbing of Timothy Crump, a 14 year old boy. Today the mom of the boy who did the stabbing Noel Estevez cries foul. The Daily News exclusively reported that Estevez’s mom , Maria, says that her son was tormented and bullied by the victim. Though Bulling has been at a all time high does it now make it acceptable for murder.

In the article Maria states that “It was kill or be killed”. What is the world come to? I feel for Timothy’s family, but I also feel for the Estevez family because there no winning in this situation. I do not know if any bullying was confirmed but I know that the effects of it usually ends with death. Whether its the bully pushing a person to suicide or it’s the person beieng bullied taking actions into his own hands. Either way we need to fight more to stop bullying period. There should be no more parents losing their kids to the grave or a jail cell.

Life and Timezz

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! We had a long winter. Longer than I hoped it would be but I won’t complain cause this heat is kicking my butt and its only the first day. I am literally sitting in front of the fan singing my favorite songs. Yes I do that! I like to hear my alto voice with a raspy fan untone. DON”T Judge me. Besides my vocals I managed to continue blogging. YAyyy!!!

  Today I took it easy. Played with my kids and listened to music. I also started looking up things to do for the summer. Though there are a lot of things to actually do. There are also a lot of FREE things to get into. Just like most some  nobody else Free is my middle name. And I love all thing Pro Bono.

I decided that you deserve to try the free things that I will be getting into this summer. I am NYC based so this only goes for those in the NYC area.

First off let me tell you how much I love beaches. When I get some good money my goal is to have a nice place near a beach. Oceanviews and cool breezes. Lets all take a moment and envision that. Wait I think I need more than a moment. Here are the beaches you might catch me at.


Thanx to and their article I will live at these beaches when I’m not blogging or being a mommy. My favs are:

Jacob Riis Park Beach (Be careful of the Nude section)

Jones Beach

Rockaway Beach (They did a good job sprucing it up since Hurricane Sandy)

Not much of a zoo person but for the last 2 weeks my son has been begging me to take him to the zoo. What’s better than a zoo you can pay what you wish. I got the list of zoos and from so check it out. Here are the list of zoos, museums, and gardens to visit.

The Bronx Zoo – Pay what you wish Wednesdays for general admission. Total Experience activities cost extra.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Free all day on Tuesdays, and Saturdays from 10am-noon. Free on winter weekdays November-February.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Free the third Thursday of every month 4-7pm and the first full weekend of every month 2-5pm (except holidays).

Children’s Museum of the Arts – Pay what you wish Thursdays 4-6pm

Children’s Museum of Manhattan – Free the first Friday of every month 5-8pm

New York Aquarium – Pay what you wish on Fridays 3pm-closing

New York Botanical Garden – Free grounds admission all day on Wednesdays, and Saturdays 10-11am. Special exhibits cost extra.

New York Hall of Science – Free September through June on Fridays 2-5pm and Sundays 10-11am.

New York Historical Society – Pay what you wish Fridays 6-8pm

Queens Botanical Garden – Free Wednesdays 3-6pm and Sundays 4-6pm. .

Staten Island Zoo – Free Wednesdays 2-4:45pm

Wave Hill – Free all day on Tuesdays, Saturdays 9am-noon.

So there you have it. Cool things to do with your kids and not brake those pockets. Now I have to go make lunch cause supermoms make lunch and blog!

Oh FUZz! 1000 Word Pic

A picture is worth 1000 words.

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Things can always remind you of your struggle. A rusted safe! Come on! I sit here looking at this picture and all I can get from it is that there was a day somebody was happy to have it. I don’t know how it became like that but like life we never know. We know but we can never fully grasp what got us to the point we are at. I also can look at this picture and find some value that is yet to come. With time and effort it can be better than what it was before.

It makes me think of my Quote of the day. How having the courage to fix yourself can bring out great things for you. This safe is damaged and rusted like a lot of people. Alone and abandoned like a lot of you guys. Though this might be true it still has some hope!


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The Hottness that is Rihanna (OH SHIZZ)

If you haven’t seen the Gal. This Hot Gal. This Gal in which they call Rihanna. Your Not LIVING Right!!


This picture is everything. Calm cool and collective with a baby that is such a CUTIE PIE!


Even with MANTLERS she gives the HOTNESS.

Rihanna you can Do no wrong! And we can never forget this!!!!


Ok I’m to go and stalk @Rihanna on twitter.

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Quote of the Day


Lets talk relationships. Not just a boyfriend and girlfriend type of relationship, but all types. When you are hurt in order to be happy you must heal. People often want the person that hurt them to take that burden off their chest, but here’s the thing they don’t have to and most times they won’t. Your happiness starts and end with you.  Your healing depends on your will to be happy.

I’m going through this right now. I was in a situation where I thought I was going to come out of it better. It didn’t happen, go figure! I nagged and annoyed him to fix what he had broken. To amend the wrong he had committed but as hard as it is to admit it he didn’t have to. I’m not going to go as far to say he didn’t want to but he didn’t have to. I wanted NEEDED him to cause I was too afraid to take that journey alone. I never did and that was my problem. I always needed a passenger to heal my hurt. I always found somebody to repair the damage. I just never realized that doing that only gave a temporary fix to past hurt and developed new ones along the way. Leaving me worst off than where I started.

So maybe its not a boyfriend. Maybe its a parent that abandoned you or a friend that violated your trust. Maybe its a child that disappointed you or a love one that took advantage of your kindness. Doesn’t matter who it is you are responsible for your healing. You are in control of your greatness. Don’t depend on them to help you in the process. It would be nice. It would be something that can aide in it, but its a waste of time waiting on them when you have YOU.

Shout out to @alex_elle for the amazing quote. She has tons of them it was so hard to choose.

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Hot Mug Shots and the Criminals that are in them!

This week I have seen this guy on almost females IG that I know. He is very sexy and very much a criminal but very sexy. Can somebody say conjugal visit?


Not only is Jeremy Meeks this hot guy that could have been on the runway for Prada, Gucci or even Givenchy, he is an actual criminal that did an actual crime. Go figure! Lol Though the crime that he was arrested for did not have anything to do with murder I can only think about what does that tear drop on his eye really signify. Ladies all over the country and probably all over the world has been going crazy and we all can see why. Let’s take in all of the gorgeousness and pray if he gets out there will be a model agency at his doorstep.

My New Shizz


Nicki Minaj has come a long way from those pink lips and green wigs. I have to admit that I kinda miss it but I love these looks of her more (cleavage and all). I’ll never admit how much I stalk her but I will tell you this Nicki is my all time new Shizz!! Check out her Pills n Potions video so you can see what I am talking about.

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