Sex Scandals Roam Schools



When I was young I remember having a crush on a teacher. Though male was few and far in between, these crushes was harmless and ineffective. Like he didn’t confess his love for me in later years and we ended up with 2 kids, a white picket fence and a dog name Chip. This was just a crush. Like how you crush on a celebrity even though the possibility is slim to none of even getting a chance. In recent times crushes on teachers has progressed into more than dreaming about having a life with them.

I need to know, why is it that most of these teachers (females) are married with kids? Is there something I am missing? You have a family and you take a chance to lose all of that and get jail time for a minor. I am not saying that it would be more understandable if they were single, I’m saying they have more to lose. There’s more embarrassment to spread around. It’s not just you that will have to deal with your bad judgment. It’s your children and your spouse. Let me say this though if there is ever anything that will kill a man’s pride that (sleeping with a minor) is at the top of the list. And we can’t forget the boys and their families. It’s just bad all around.

I am really trying to wrap my mind around this. What starts it? Who initiates it? In your their minds is it worth it? Can there really be a justification to it? There are so many questions to be answered. I have researched this matter because it came up in a conversation me and my best friend had. When I was reading the different stories there were actually more women offenders than men. Which is odd to me because I thought society pegged men as the official sex offenders. Even though any sex offender is horrible. Women that does it often makes me wonder. As I said earlier these women 9 times out of 10 has kids, do they think what if this were my kid. What if something like this was being done to my child? Does it ever click in their brains that there’s a mother just like them that is going to be angry, sad , and disappointed that a teacher has failed their child in a way they can’t imagine.

Having children has giving my another perspective on a lot of things in my life. Kids are suppose to do that. So when I hear about sex scandals in schools it really makes me upset. There should never be a moment as a mom you can violate somebody else’s child. PERIOD! With that being said I hope they really start doing psychological test for teachers because it has to be something wrong with these teachers.


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