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Lets talk relationships. Not just a boyfriend and girlfriend type of relationship, but all types. When you are hurt in order to be happy you must heal. People often want the person that hurt them to take that burden off their chest, but here’s the thing they don’t have to and most times they won’t. Your happiness starts and end with you.  Your healing depends on your will to be happy.

I’m going through this right now. I was in a situation where I thought I was going to come out of it better. It didn’t happen, go figure! I nagged and annoyed him to fix what he had broken. To amend the wrong he had committed but as hard as it is to admit it he didn’t have to. I’m not going to go as far to say he didn’t want to but he didn’t have to. I wanted NEEDED him to cause I was too afraid to take that journey alone. I never did and that was my problem. I always needed a passenger to heal my hurt. I always found somebody to repair the damage. I just never realized that doing that only gave a temporary fix to past hurt and developed new ones along the way. Leaving me worst off than where I started.

So maybe its not a boyfriend. Maybe its a parent that abandoned you or a friend that violated your trust. Maybe its a child that disappointed you or a love one that took advantage of your kindness. Doesn’t matter who it is you are responsible for your healing. You are in control of your greatness. Don’t depend on them to help you in the process. It would be nice. It would be something that can aide in it, but its a waste of time waiting on them when you have YOU.

Shout out to @alex_elle for the amazing quote. She has tons of them it was so hard to choose.

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