Oh Shizz I Got a Blog

          Today June 20th 2014 marks the day I am LIVE!! Hey is anybody out there!?! Can anybody hear me? This blog is going to be fun, fun, fun. No filter! No hold Backs! By the end of every post there will be something that makes u go “Oh Shizz”, “Fuzzdat”, or my fav. “Dats my Shizz”. I will write about my life, my loves, celebrities (I love or hate), and just random things that we all can relate to. I never thought that I would end up here, but HERE I am!!!!!

First lets start off with an introduction. I am Babbii. I love food, drinks, and celebrity gossip. I tend to ramble but I get to the point all most times (never). Now in celebration of my new found love you MUST listen to this

The crazy thing about this blogging thing is I have literally nothing to do, kinda sorta. I am a mom that’s going through a mid-life crisis cause I am closer to 30 than I wanted to be. (I will not tell you my age, DON’T EVEN ASK!)  I am a lover and I am the ambassador for everybody to TURN UP lol. I find my self encouraging all my friends to do very entertaining things so I can live vicariously through them. But now I can also live through this BLOG.

Being that this is my first post I encourage spread the word. From here to the mountain tops. Come grow with me and listen to good music. Look at great pictures of sexy men and women and lets have FUN! I am here and I am here to stay.

P.S. Also LOVE love Love this song too. So you can celebrate with this one also:


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