Mommy Woezz

Being a mom is the coolest thing I grown to love. When I was young people tend to put in my head when you have kids your life is practically over. There is no fun or all you have in life is being a mom. That goes for dads too, but I feel like its mostly goes for us moms. We carry much of the weight and tend to become overwhelmed. Don’t feel bad you are not alone!

Some days I feel like I can take over the world. I have all these ideas of what I could, would or should be doing. Then there are days where I lay in my bed and it sucks. There’s a baby crying every hour, another kid asking a million questions and a daughter with an attitude of a teenager and she hasn’t even hit her preteens yet. I yell in my mind “SOMEBODY SAVE ME” a minimum of 50 times a week. Some weeks I have said it some much it just becomes normal to think when its not even nothing going on to justify it. But I wouldn’t trade my little ones for anything but sleep lol. Just kidding!

Moms all over the world have their woes and I reassure you once again you are not alone. From the weight gain you can’t get off to the lack of sleep, we as moms tend to be hard on ourselves and each other. Being that this is my first post for mommy woes I will say I will tackle everything from depression all the way to should you or should u not spank your children.

Little Known Fact: a Kid is a baby goat. I remember a friend of mine told me she no longer says Kid or Kids referring to her children cause her children are not goats. I don’t know at first I was all like ok I can totally understand where she was coming from but now a days I just look at it like its just another word for goat and children. What do you think?

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