Life and Timezz

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! We had a long winter. Longer than I hoped it would be but I won’t complain cause this heat is kicking my butt and its only the first day. I am literally sitting in front of the fan singing my favorite songs. Yes I do that! I like to hear my alto voice with a raspy fan untone. DON”T Judge me. Besides my vocals I managed to continue blogging. YAyyy!!!

  Today I took it easy. Played with my kids and listened to music. I also started looking up things to do for the summer. Though there are a lot of things to actually do. There are also a lot of FREE things to get into. Just like most some  nobody else Free is my middle name. And I love all thing Pro Bono.

I decided that you deserve to try the free things that I will be getting into this summer. I am NYC based so this only goes for those in the NYC area.

First off let me tell you how much I love beaches. When I get some good money my goal is to have a nice place near a beach. Oceanviews and cool breezes. Lets all take a moment and envision that. Wait I think I need more than a moment. Here are the beaches you might catch me at.


Thanx to and their article I will live at these beaches when I’m not blogging or being a mommy. My favs are:

Jacob Riis Park Beach (Be careful of the Nude section)

Jones Beach

Rockaway Beach (They did a good job sprucing it up since Hurricane Sandy)

Not much of a zoo person but for the last 2 weeks my son has been begging me to take him to the zoo. What’s better than a zoo you can pay what you wish. I got the list of zoos and from so check it out. Here are the list of zoos, museums, and gardens to visit.

The Bronx Zoo – Pay what you wish Wednesdays for general admission. Total Experience activities cost extra.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Free all day on Tuesdays, and Saturdays from 10am-noon. Free on winter weekdays November-February.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Free the third Thursday of every month 4-7pm and the first full weekend of every month 2-5pm (except holidays).

Children’s Museum of the Arts – Pay what you wish Thursdays 4-6pm

Children’s Museum of Manhattan – Free the first Friday of every month 5-8pm

New York Aquarium – Pay what you wish on Fridays 3pm-closing

New York Botanical Garden – Free grounds admission all day on Wednesdays, and Saturdays 10-11am. Special exhibits cost extra.

New York Hall of Science – Free September through June on Fridays 2-5pm and Sundays 10-11am.

New York Historical Society – Pay what you wish Fridays 6-8pm

Queens Botanical Garden – Free Wednesdays 3-6pm and Sundays 4-6pm. .

Staten Island Zoo – Free Wednesdays 2-4:45pm

Wave Hill – Free all day on Tuesdays, Saturdays 9am-noon.

So there you have it. Cool things to do with your kids and not brake those pockets. Now I have to go make lunch cause supermoms make lunch and blog!


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