Foodie Corner

Hole In One!

My Love for sweets goes beyond anything you can imagine. I dream about them. I sing about them. I even take time to give thanks to them. Pastries consist of pies, cakes, , tarts and donuts. I can say I can go one with out the other but I can say I have a soft spot for donuts. Those fresh out the oven donuts. They have evolved the donut so much they have hundreds of flavors and types.

Living in New York, I have the advantage of experiencing donuts that goes way pass your typical Dunkin Donut donuts. I will say their glaze will always give my tummy a big smile, that I will say, but these donut shops are just one in a million. My favorite is Donut Plant. They have amazing donuts. The smell when you walk in there is soo delicious forcing you to choose more than one donut even though you wasn’t suppose to walk in there in the first place. They have two locations in New York City. I have only been to one and have made plans to visit the other one in hopes that I walk out of there with  just one bag of donuts that I will promise to share with my kiddies if they behave.

Just check out their updated website and they now have a raspberry glazed triangle donut for Gay Pride. I all for pride and rights but I really love the raspberry glaze.


This is a limited time offer so those who are in New York City and love raspberry glazed donuts hurry we have less than a week to get as many as we can.

See you there!

I LOVE pastries and there’s nothing you or my waistline can do about it.

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