Daily OFNS (NYC)

Earlier we celebrated the first day of summer with free things to do with your kids in NYC. Now its time for the Daily News round up.


This week we heard about the fatal stabbing of Timothy Crump, a 14 year old boy. Today the mom of the boy who did the stabbing Noel Estevez cries foul. The Daily News exclusively reported that Estevez’s mom , Maria, says that her son was tormented and bullied by the victim. Though Bulling has been at a all time high does it now make it acceptable for murder.

In the article Maria states that “It was kill or be killed”. What is the world come to? I feel for Timothy’s family, but I also feel for the Estevez family because there no winning in this situation. I do not know if any bullying was confirmed but I know that the effects of it usually ends with death. Whether its the bully pushing a person to suicide or it’s the person beieng bullied taking actions into his own hands. Either way we need to fight more to stop bullying period. There should be no more parents losing their kids to the grave or a jail cell.


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